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Food planning: Tip #5…Coping with lack of inspiration

Food planning: Tip #5…Coping with lack of inspiration

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Food planning works well when inspiration strikes. However, it is clear that this is not always the case. What to do to avoid such situations? Here are some tips to make your food planning easier for this new school year:

Start by creating your recipe list

Include in it the recipes you like to make, the recipes you master well and those you do every day. Even consider including the simplest recipes where you only have to put together certain foods. This list will not only allow you to rekindle your inspiration when it comes to food planning, but also to gather new recipes that you have tried over time and that you would like to repeat in the future.

Make your recipe list before eating

When you start to feel hungry, food becomes more and more appetizing, which is why at the start of the meal the food is often better and more interesting than at the end of it. Of course, otherwise we couldn’t stop eating. You are not convinced? Try to go grocery shopping before mealtime, you will see that your grocery basket will be much fuller.

Use tools to inspire you

Some external tools can actually come to the rescue when nothing inspires you anymore. Among these, we can count the famous cookbooks, but also websites such as Cuisine Futée Parents Pressés, Coup de Pouce or even the Multisports Mag to name a few. Following culinary creators on the web like Loounie , Marilou of Trois fois par jours or even Ricardo can also inspire you in your future culinary concoctions. Finally, some applications can suggest meal ideas based on the flyer of the week. This is the case of TADA , a free platform available on the IGA application.

Make your list an activity

What could be more frustrating than being answered “I don’t know” when asked “What are we eating this week?”. So let’s try to avoid this kind of situation by taking out the recipe books, putting on some good music and choosing with family or even with a friend what we would like to cook this week. Yes, planning will undoubtedly remain a task for many people, but we can always decide to improve this kind of moment by seeing them from another angle. Moreover, by having sources of inspiration and a favorable atmosphere, the “I don’t know” is much easier to avoid.


By: Joanie Séguin, Dt. P.

Nutristionnist at AXiO Sport Medicine Clinic

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