La salle omnisports (terrains de tennis et badminton, la piste et le mur d'escalade) sera fermée du 18 janvier (19 h) au 19 janvier 2019 (19 h) pour accueillir un événement.  || 

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Over 1,000 visitors/day
49% from Vaudreuil-Dorion
35% from other Vaudreuil-Soulanges municipalities

Reach a young and healthy clientele

29% between the ages of 20 & 44
31% between the ages of 45 & 64

Associate yourself with a positive environment

Centre Multisports’ healthy and affirmative environment can positively influence people who are interested in your brand.

Associate yourself with a winning team!


Le Multisports Magazine showcases local elite and up-and-coming athletes; and volunteers involved in helping people, young and not-so-young, whether they are trainers, organisers or officials. In short, devoted and determined individuals who help people become more active and promote our region in the entire province.

A magazine entirely dedicated to physical activities and sports in the region and those who practice, support and organize them.

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Promotional television screens

Three television screens strategically positioned to capture the attention of as many people as possible, including members and visitors. Simply supply a visual element (in jpg format).
15 seconds

1 month: $100.00/month
1-year contract: $95.00/month

30 seconds
1 month: $175.00/month
1-year contract: $166.00/month

60 seconds
1 month: $300.00/month
1-year contract: $285.00/month

Dressing rooms and bathrooms

Different positioning to target the Center’s active members or visitors (parents, friends, event participants) that facilitates gender segmentation.

The frames are 8″ x 10″. They can be placed in men or women’s dressing rooms.

Back of bathroom stall doors or over urinals: $65.00/month.

Hand sink counters: $75.00/month

Get a 10% discount when purchasing 2 frames or more or when renting space for several consecutive months.


3 promotional television screens (15 seconds)
1 bathroom (ladies) & 1 bathroom (gentlemen): $220.00/month

3 promotional television screens (15 seconds)
1 hand sink counter (ladies) & 1 hand sink counter (gentlemen): $220.00/month

Taxes are extra

Join a winning team!

To reserve your space:
(450) 218-2821 extension 8102