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The fountain of youth!

The fountain of youth!

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March 4, 2024

 |  Centre Multisports

Dear seniors, if you’re suffering from an accumulation of minor ailments, if you’re living in isolation or if you’d like to walk in spite of the weather, the Centre Multisports has the solution! Indeed, more than ever, 2024 offers you the chance to lace up your shoes.

Over the years, more and more seniors have passed through the doors of the Centre Multisports André-Chagnon to take part in the classes designed for them. Whether it’s through the 60 multi + course, chair yoga or dance classes, they have access to a multitude of adapted programs, whatever their age or condition. When we interview those who take these courses, we hear the many reasons why they signed up. For one, it was the chronic pain in her lower back and neck caused by osteoarthritis. These pains practically disappeared after six months of training. For another, we’re there to resolve knee and shoulder problems. Problems solved with increased physical strength! People come to keep fit or get back into shape, of course, but they also come for their mental health: to socialize, to get out of isolation, to have a few good moments with people who have come here for the same reasons. Led by instructors who adapt their program to the condition of the people in front of them, with or without limitations, classes are given with laughter, fun and non-judgment. To add a cherry on top of this healthy cake, the center provides its members with a multifunctional track for seniors to walk on. A perfect mat for the joints, fluid circulation and a rhythm dictated by you and you alone.

The Centre Multisports is happy to adapt its offer to people of all ages who want to take care of themselves. In the words of a woman we met on her way out of a 60 Multi + class, this is the fountain of youth!


By Patrick Richard

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