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Teen lessons
FITNESS-Teens 12-16 years old
Boxing-FIT 11-14 years old

Physical activity among adolescents is an important issue in an increasingly sedentary society. You will be introduce to fitness training through individual conditioning in our gyms, group classes, sports and other various activities to get you moving. Our aim is to increase their self-esteem and introduce them to healthy lifestyle habits.

Informal discussions about health and wellbeing will also be introduced during the sessions to dispel myths and answer some of your teen’s questions.

Fitness for girls

Did you know that 9 out of 10 girls don’t get enough physical activity? This is why we have created the Fitness for girls, a group specifically designed for young girls aged 12 to 16. This program creates an environment of trust between the participants and allows them to train and discuss subjects without any judgment. Fitness Ados for girls leads them to be more active and thus fight against inactivity among teenage girls.


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