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C’pas tout de s’entraîner : What to begin with?

C’pas tout de s’entraîner : What to begin with?

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In a brand new podcast series, the Centre Multisports André-Chagnon invites you to discover that training does not stop at lifting weights, sweating or running a marathon. Under the title “C’pas tout de s’entraîner” (It’s not all about training), these interviews aim to shed interesting and professional light on an aspect closely or not very far related to training. In a first series of six meetings, Patrick Richard questions nutritionist Joanie Séguin about the importance of food.

In my first interview with nutritionist Joanie Séguin, we talked about the basics of diet. Do you know them, the basics of food? Neither do I.

In fact, we realize that all kinds of messages and information related to a healthy and balanced diet are conveyed. In my life, I often see it as a mountain not really knowing which path to take to climb said mountain. Joanie made it clear to me that it all depends. It all depends on each person, our way of life, our habits and a host of elements that make us all unique and endearing human beings.

But since you have to start somewhere, let’s open the door to meals.

  • Are your meals balanced?
  • Enough protein? Of carbohydrates? And what is cacalin?
  • Do you eat 2, 3 or 4 meals a day?
  • Do you have time to cook meals?

Whether you answered yes or no to any of these questions, the important thing is to respect your lifestyle and take it, as the philosopher Aris-toast suggested, one bite at a time. Joanie teaches us that putting together the right foods shouldn’t take time. So forget Ricardo’s recipes where it says 15 minutes in the suggested time for their preparation. I have understood for a long time that a “15 minutes Ricardo” is equivalent to 45 minutes. The more you learn about the carbohydrate-protein marriage, the more you will want to replicate the ceremony.

In this podcast, we do not learn everything, because in 20 minutes it is difficult to identify a subject for which there are masters and doctorates. But we lift the veil on certain limiting ideas (including the paradigm of three meals a day), we see that we often sail between two extremes (from craving for chips to seasonal diets) and we learn that our body sends us clear signals that we don’t always listen. Satiety and hunger are tamed. And everything comes from the habits that we want to put in our lives. Like this new practice, to put in your ears, that of listening to this first podcast C’pas tout de s’entrainer. You will hear the friendly nutritionist Joanie Séguin, from the AXiO clinic at the Centre Multisports, shed light on the many beliefs, true or false, that we all have with food.

Enjoy the pod! Patrick Richard

BONUS: The conversation continues with Patrick and Joanie at the end of the video. Check out the bonus segment!


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