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C’pas tout de s’entraîner : A craving while sitting on the couch

C’pas tout de s’entraîner : A craving while sitting on the couch

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In a brand new podcast series, the Centre Multisports André-Chagnon invites you to discover that training does not stop at lifting weights, sweating or running a marathon. Under the title It’s not all about training, these interviews aim to shed interesting and professional light on an aspect closely or not very far related to training. In a first series of six meetings, Patrick Richard questions nutritionist Joanie Séguin about the importance of food.

In my third interview with nutritionist Joanie Séguin, we talk about cravings. Raise your hand those who have never succumbed to a rage of Miss Vickies sea salt and malt vinegar potato chips or even chocolate cupcakes coated in a delicious vanilla cream. Craving is unique in that it takes us from the ecstasy generated by the ingestion of a large quantity of more or less healthy food to a state of immense guilt for this impulsive gesture that is immediately regretted. . However, craving hides a great lesson in getting to know better the relationship we have with food.

This is kind of what kicks off our discussion in which you will learn that there are different types of hunger towards which we can direct our understanding of a craving. But before we get to that, Joanie Séguin is careful to ask: does this happen to you all the time? At the same time in a day, in a week? Is your body sending you messages? Are you missing something? Is it rather a psychological reason that hides in the bottom of Miss Vickies’ bag? When we understand the cause of our cravings, we open the door to behavior change.

If so desired.

Because everything starts from a will and an awareness. Let’s not forget that we are usually very bad judges of ourselves and that the spark very often comes from an ill-being in view of a well-being. Talking about cravings is discovering meaning in our ways of eating, it’s opening a door to a world in which Joanie invites us by taking our hand.

Our cravings speak to us, even sitting on a sofa, it’s up to us to listen. Who knows, you might hear the podcast!

BONUS: The conversation continues with Patrick and Joanie at the end of the video. Check out the bonus segment!

Enjoy the pod!

Patrick Richard

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