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Yoga as a way of survival

Yoga as a way of survival

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September 29, 2022

 |  Centre Multisports

Chantal Cadieux has been teaching yoga at the Centre Multisports for quite some time and recently leading meditation sessions. The path that led her to take the place she occupies today is strewn with doubts and adversity, but also with joy and light. All the experiences we live contribute to the construction of the person we become. Chantal Cadieux has weathered the storms and like a tree that takes root to face the wind, she radiates today to transmit her passion for well-being.

Young Chantal devoted herself to dancing for a good part of her childhood and adolescence. To overcome  her embarrassment, her mother enrolled her in her first lessons and dancing was an integral part of her life until the injuries slowed her down. Continuing to frequent the gyms, she quickly developed a passion for training, especially for fitness classes. She even gave her first group lessons before reaching adulthood: “The film Perfect with Jamie Lee Curtis and John Travolta, I listened to it continuously for almost all my teenage life, she says… I wanted to be like her. She was an aerobics teacher and I was in dance, I had a lot of classes like that.”


Her passion for fitness and fitness continued until she hit a wall of addiction and was forced to stop working due to illness. Alcoholism then offers her a way out, only one, that which has been recognized worldwide for the past century: the remedy of alcoholics anonymous. In this new way of life, she is slowly rehabilitating, one day at a time, taking care of her physical and especially spiritual health. In this awareness, she reconnects with herself and falls in love with yoga. As if life had opened a door wide for her that she should go through: “One day, she recounts, I was taking a walk with my dog, I was deep in thought. On my way, there was a folded newspaper. I picked it up and on the other side there was an ad for a yoga class. It was a message from beyond, that’s what I decided on.”


Chantal Cadieux therefore follows her path by listening to her voice, graduated as a yoga teacher and the Centre Multisports finally welcomes her within its walls where she has been giving her classes for a few years to classes of people who have become attached to her, to her approach. , to her humanity:
“People go through difficult things and having been through it myself, I give them permission to work their way through their current difficulties,” she explains. To try to find a little bit of peace and happiness, the time they are on the mat, and eventually they will find the strength to do what they have to do in their life. Her classes are therefore not limited to simple stretching and breathing exercises, but touch on aspects of our lives that take on a whole new dimension. In this sense, Chantal Cadieux’s teaching is part of a set of courses that meet a multitude of different needs, but which all boil down to finding our own path: “It’s finding an activity where you are capable of letting go of what you are going through, she believes, to have the strength to find your path, whatever that may be. It can be through cycling classes, yoga, and that’s what’s fun at the Centre Multisports. It’s diverse, there are lots of activities, they listen to their customers, subscribers, teachers, and are always open to offering incredible things. They listen to the community.”

Ultimately, Chantal Cadieux teaches different positions to improve our well-being, teaches us to use our breathing to let go of our inner vibrations and anchors her own life to the only roots likely to keep her awake, serene and sober. : “The center of my life is well-being. To be well in my heart and to take care of it. In any kind of way, ”she sums up simply.


By: Patrick Richard

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