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2023 March is nutrition month!

2023 March is nutrition month!

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February 28, 2023

 |  AXiO Clinique de médecine sportive

Nutrition month!

This year the theme for nutrition month is “Discover the power of food“. In the context of the event, Dairy Farmers of Canada offer practical tips to reduce the environmental footprint of our diet as well as offer balanced recipes to vary our way of enjoying nutritious food. These include kale and barley salad with maple dressing, a creamy chicken pasta casserole, black bean quesadillas and even an express vegetable pizza. You can find all these tools on their website.

For this occasion, we also offer you one of our nutritionist Joanie Séguin favorite recipes, a grilled salmon accompanied by a creamy garlic sauce served on a warm orzo salad. You can find the complete recipe along with its nutritional value in this month’s Multisport Mag.

We also wanted to take advantage of the month of March to help you “discover the power of nutritionists”. Dietitians-nutritionists are the only food experts. Whether it’s to improve your sports performance, your relationship with food, your body image or simply to help you improve your eating habits, the nutritionist is the specialist you need. They can also help you with your goals of gaining muscle mass, weight management or for any other digestive problems. Finally, the nutritionist is also trained to help you live better when suffering from chronic illness or any other health problem.

If you think that you would benefit from meeting with a dietitian-nutritionist, do not hesitate to make an appointment for a first individual meeting. Know that many of them also offer group meetings, workshops, conferences and business services in order to offer a service that meets your needs.

We encourage you this nutrition month to take special care of your diet by discovering new foods that will make your taste buds jump, and who knows, maybe a nutritionist can accompany you on your next challenge.

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