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Food planning: Tip #4… Plan for the unexpected

Food planning: Tip #4… Plan for the unexpected

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Sometimes, even if we want to do well with our food planning, and even if we plan all our recipes to the quarter turn, the unexpected can happen.

Faced with these situations, we can feel helpless and start believing that our planning is ultimately useless. But what better way to manage this kind of event than to understand that they will happen sooner or later and to plan for them! To do this, your best friend will be the freezer.


Duplicate recipes

The majority of recipes don’t really take longer to duplicate since the number of steps remains the same and, as a bonus, the dishes will be done once rather than twice. The doubled recipe can then be frozen as an individual meal or as a whole to be used at another time. Many recipes double up and freeze really well: lasagna, chili (see our vegetarian chili recipe), soup, sauce, falafel, etc. The veggie burger patties that we are offering you this month freeze really well!


Freeze the leftovers

There are several leftovers in the fridge and you are afraid of losing some for lack of time to eat them before they become a little less fresh? It is true that some items freeze less well, such as water-rich fruits and vegetables. Let’s be honest, a thawed salad won’t be the big hit… On the other hand, the vast majority of foods, especially once cooked, don’t lose their interesting sides in terms of textures and flavours. If in doubt, do a quick search on the internet or simply do the test…especially if the dish ended up rotting in the fridge anyway.


Keeping a freezer inventory

This is probably the trick that has helped me the most in my contingency management, as it can be very easy to accumulate a lot in the freezer and lose track of what’s going in there. . Then, we realize that the items have spent too much time there and that they have a famous taste of … freezer! Several methods can be put in place, but the erasable board method is undoubtedly a must since it allows you to modify it over time without always having to start all over again. Indeed, we list everything that is there and when we add or consume certain items, we just have to add them, delete them or even modify the remaining quantity. Genius! Bonus, the list is very easy to look at in order to take freezer items into account in your food planning for the week!

The real question…can we still call it all contingencies if we are so well prepared?


By: Joanie Séguin, Dt. P.

Nutristionnist at AXiO Sport Medicine Clinic

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