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What is biodynamic breathwork?

What is biodynamic breathwork?

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November 24, 2020

 |  Chantal Cadieux

In the 1960s, spiritual philosopher and author Leonard Orr discovered that by practicing super-oxygenation, a technique of deep breathing without pausing for a period of time enhanced the body’s memories and had the power to release tension. Combined with conscious movement, this technique releases the energy taken in the body by transforming it and thus allowing to integrate negative experiences with flexibility.

Who can practice biodynamic breathwork?

This practice is accessible to all. Those who have done meditation before will find this experience a powerful way to continue to progress in their personal journey. For those who have never meditated before, you will almost instantly feel the benefits of synchronizing your movements with your breath.

What are the benefits of biodynamic breathwork?

Following a session, you will feel vitalized, better connected to your body and your intuition. In addition, you will feel better clarity of mind in your decision-making process. Plus, you’ll enjoy a more peaceful and restorative sleep.

Where and how to practice the session?

The Centre Multisports offers this virtual session called: discovery of biodynamic breathwork. During the session, make sure you have access to a closed and quiet place as well as a good internet connection. You will need a pair of headphones, a cushion if you are working on the floor or a comfortable chair, a box of tissues and a blanket for the final rest period.

Last word

Chantal from Chanti’s Yoga and instructor at Centre Multisports wants you to join her for the next Essence of Breath session: “If you can only settle for temporary relief to reduce physical and emotional exhaustion and weight of the past, discover with me the transforming power of your breath! While waiting to connect with you, I send you a beautiful dose of love and light. “.

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