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A successful first edition for : Defi Everest 8848

A successful first edition for : Defi Everest 8848

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February 28, 2023

 |  Centre Multisports

CHALLENGE EVEREST 8848 for the benefit of the ALS Society Quebec

Mission accomplished for the first edition of the Everest 8848 Challenge; it was quite an experience! On February 26 at Center Multisports André-Chagnon in the Zone Vélo Perfo, sixty-eight participants, ten teams, set themselves the goal of raising $35,000 for the Quebec ALS Society. Their mission: for 90 minutes, ride a bike using the strength of their calves, to virtually climb the maximum number of meters in order to reach or exceed, as a team, the summit of Mount Everest, i.e. 8848 meters.

While the teams took turns on the bikes, the creator and spokesperson for the Challenge, Jean-François Trudeau, was also in studio on his bike with the objective to climb single-handedly… a double Everest! After 27 hours and 45 minutes of effort without sleep, Jean-François achieved his goal by reaching 17,696 meters. He is the second cyclist in Canada to achieve this indoor feat. It should be noted that a friend of his, Corrado D’Onofrio, accompanied him during the first hours for a half Everest which he completed in 9hours 50 minutes.

Through their own effort, all the participants took full advantage of the challenge offered by Jean-François, on average, the participants managed to climb 1,132 meters in 90 minutes without asking to do an extra lap! The team that totaled the most vertical meters in 90 minutes is ZVP Opto-Réseau where the five members accumulated 9,315 meters, the five members of the Center Multisports André-Chagnon team bringing up the rear of the ten teams with 5 147 meters. Two members of the ZVP Opto-Réseau team managed the best climbs, Clovis Sanscartier with 2,171 meters and Stephanie Briggs with 2,009 meters.

Financially, the donations received totaled $32,215 at the end of the day and promises of donations will materialize in the days to come. The objective will therefore be achieved. The success of this first Everest 8848 Challenge was made possible thanks to the professional collaboration of Productions Kinéscope, Agence Les Manifestes and Center Multisports André-Chagnon, as well as financial contributions from Planète Courrier, Quincaillerie Richelieu, Banque Scotia de Vaudreuil-Dorion, Pharmaprix St-Lazare, Karate Sportif, Embroidery and Printing Jammo and hundreds of donors who have supported the cyclists.

Thank you to the donors and participants for this successful event!

About ALS
“Currently, approximately 2,500 to 3,000 people in Canada suffer from this disease and two new cases are reported per 100,000 people each year. This disease is not contagious and most reported cases are sporadic, meaning that no member of the immediate or extended family of the person affected has had ALS. The disease is only hereditary in 5 to 10% of cases and mainly affects people aged 40 to 75; cases in children are extremely rare. To date, there is no treatment that can significantly prolong the life of patients with ALS. – Quebec ALS Society

About the André-Chagnon Multisports Center

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