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June 29, 2021

 |  Nadia Vani

You probably already know that HIIT (high intensity interval training) is a great way to get more from your cardio workout, allowing you to burn more calories, more fat and build more endurance in less time.

Like HIIT, HIRT (high intensity resistance training) is a workout technique that can turn your resistance training into a calorie killing, fat scorching workout and still providing you with cardiovascular benefits.

HIRT also differentiates itself from HIIT by when the recovery occurs. In HIIT, the recovery is almost nonexistent, so the next interval starts when you are already fatigued. This can lead to a decline in performance after each interval. HIRT goal is to maintain the same level of performance over time and the major benefit is it reduces the long term stress on the body that is associated with HIIT training.

The key in HIRT is to maintain effort and power on each and every exercise. If you’re new to exercise you might want to add rest periods in between exercises. For example, 30 seconds of work to 45 -60 seconds rest. If you are conditioned and want that challenge, try 30 seconds work with 5-10 seconds rest.

Who is a High impact HIIT workout for?

  • If you want to lose weight quickly
  • If you want a tougher cardio challenge
  • If you are training for competition
  • If you want to improve Bone Density
  • If you are low risk for injury

Who should do a lower impact HIRT?

  • You’re injured and recovering
  • You prefer to go easy on the joints
  • You still want a challenging workout
  • You want to take a break from cardio
  • You want to improve alignment and balance

What you will find in a HIRT class?

  • As a rule you will find exercises that provide a low risk of injury with the ability to maintain higher intensity
  • Working opposing muscle groups in the same circuit is often performed thus allowing us to work larger muscle groups simultaneously while also allowing the muscle to recover quickly.

If you want to build muscle, increase strength and stamina and burn those calories while being kind to your joints then HIRT is for you!!

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